5 Reasons Why All Bars and Clubs Should Have Door Supervisors

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15 August 2018

Door supervisors, often known as bouncers, are becoming a more common sight in British nightlife. Whether it’s the door of the local pub or an exclusive nightclub, these specialist security guards don’t just stop undesirables from coming through your doors, they carry out a range of security duties that are becoming increasingly important. If you run a pub, bar, club, or anywhere that is serving alcohol, here are some reasons why door supervisors are an essential part of your team.

  1. Upholding standards

It’s important that your premises uphold certain standards, whether it’s a dress code or keeping out rowdy groups such as hen and stag dos, door supervisors are there to ensure only the people you want to enter your club get inside. Professional security such as bouncers can keep track of your VIP list and weed out any potential trouble makers.

  1. Keeping out intoxicated customers

There are many reasons you don’t want people who are already intoxicated drinking in your premises:

Door supervisors can often spot customers who’ve already had too much to drink before they enter your premises, with employees of security companies trained to turn people away who may cause problems. This is better than leaving it up to bar staff, who in a noisy club may not notice how drunk someone has become.

  1. Deter anti-social behaviour

People are less likely to engage in anti-social behaviour if they know someone is watching. Whether you run a local pub or a large music venue, serving alcohol is always a risk, but if staff such as a security agency are present, this can lower the risk of trouble breaking out, and if it does, there are people nearby to handle things.

  1. Keep unsafe items out of your venue

With major terror attacks in the news, and knife crime on the rise in many areas, it makes sense that many venues now insist on bag searches when entering. Security agencies can be trained to look out for certain items, whether it’s drugs or sharp objects, and if people know there will be searches on the door then they often feel safer on a night out.

  1. Avoiding legal issues

If an incident does happen on your premises, you can face all sorts of consequences from a fine to losing your licence, potentially putting you out of business. Using security guard services such as door supervisors shows that you’re a responsible business owner and can help prevent a costly legal battle.

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