Festival Season: Why Hiring Professional Security is Essential

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1 August 2018

The days of festivals being all about beer and mud are long gone. Nowadays, people of all ages go to festivals, and they’re bigger than ever. But the bigger festivals become, the more difficult they can be to co-ordinate, and therefore having security guards on hand is essential for a successful event. Security are about more than simply preventing thefts or dealing with fights, they’re an important part of a festival team, and here are a few reasons why.


Health and safety

With large crowds of people, many of who will be drinking and in high spirits, enforcing health and safety rules is important. This could include:

When people are having a good time, they often don’t think of the consequences of their actions, so at a festival it’s important to use security companies to oversee the crowds and act swiftly should anything go wrong.


Visual deterrent

Unfortunately, at large events such as festivals, there can be anti-social behaviour such as thefts and assaults, with people using the crowded environment to commit crimes. However, if they see uniformed staff around, this can act as a deterrent, showing that someone is watching. Security agencies can carry out patrols or guard certain areas such as stages, ensuring that the event is well supervised.


Emergency situations

While most festivals run smoothly with little trouble, there’s always the potential for an emergency to happen, and it can take some time for the police to arrive. When you use security guard services, you have people at the site at all times to help take care of festival-goers, whether they fall ill or are the victim or crime, providing calm reassurance until the emergency services can arrive.


Legal requirement

When you put in an application for a festival licence, you need to show that the event will be safe and that you’re taking security seriously. By working with a security company, you can show that you’ve put the required staff in place, meeting legal requirements for staffing. In the past, some festival organisers have found themselves fined after events got out of control, so make sure you’re protected.


Experienced professionals

While many festivals have a number of stewards on duty, these people are often volunteers with limited training or experience. This is different to professional security, where staff have qualifications that are regularly renewed, so they can cope with a wide variety of situations. Stewards are great for helping with welfare and general jobs, but if there’s an issue with something like crowd control, you need to know that there are staff on hand who have the experience to cope.

If you need security and support for a large event, contact Leisure Guard Security at Ground Floor Office, 1 Mayor Street, Bolton, Lancashire, BL3 5DU who have worked for a number of festivals. Simply call the team on 0800 035 6607 or e-mail info@leisureguardsecurity.co.uk today.

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