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23 August 2019

When you run your own business, you’ll know that it’s your livelihood. Keeping it safe and protected from harm or intrusion is crucial, not only to protect you and your staff but also to secure your profits and assets. There are a number of avenues you can go down for protecting your business space, however, hiring a team of security staff is one of the most effective solutions. Whether it’s stopping unauthorised persons from entering, deterring theft and vandalism or simply keeping a keen eye on what’s going on in your building or site, a team of security professionals will get the job done.

Many businesses opt to invest in quality technological solutions such as CCTV devices and access control gadgets and in some cases, this is sufficient. However, this isn’t always the case; having human operatives is by far the most effective way to protect a building or site, as they can react and respond to scenarios efficiently and appropriately, with no middle man.

If you’re not sure whether your business would benefit from round the clock security guard services, we’ve put together this blog to show you just how valuable it can be. Firstly, we’ll take a look at the types of businesses that need private security and how it helps operations. Then, we’ll finish with five key benefits of hiring a security team, no matter what it is that your business does.

Types of businesses that need professional security

Professional security solutions are suitable across a huge range of industries and business types. Essentially, wherever there are people and assets to protect, a team of security contractors can help. Let’s explore a few different industry sectors where this rule applies.


From large shopping malls to small independent boutiques, the retail industry is the ideal setting for security staff. For retail businesses, the items on their premises are the sole money makers, so putting them at risk to theft and vandalism could mean the downfall of a company. On-site security guards are particularly crucial if you stock high ticket items like jewellery, cars or artwork. If you manage a retail premises, you may wish to have uniformed officers to deter shoplifters and opportunistic petty criminals, as well as to prevent organised break-ins.


With all of the various contractors that work on construction sites, it can be easy to forget just how essential security staff are within the team. Often, security guards on construction sites aren’t there to deter thieves or vandals; they’re actually hired in order to protect accidental (or sometimes intentional) trespassers from harming themselves on site. From large machinery to unstable ground and buildings, there are a variety of hazards present on construction premises, but a team of security contractors will stop any accidents from happening.


Businesses that operate from offices have various assets that they need to protect. Whether it’s expensive technology like computers, monitors, laptops and phones, or filing cabinets filled with important data and documents, a security guard will be able to keep an eye on the entrances and exits and deter intrusion. Nowadays, many office-based businesses store their data online, and whilst cybersecurity is essential too, having physical security will stop people from breaking in and hacking your systems on-site.


Much like the retail industry, the service industry is another grouping of businesses that hugely benefits from round the clock security. Owners of hotels, bars, clubs and restaurants don’t just want to protect their customers and guests, they also need to keep their staff safe too. Security guards can monitor the behaviour of customers and keep things in check. In the hospitality industry, security teams often double us as door supervisors or concierge services, providing the added bonus of personable customer service.


For companies that run and manage large events like festivals, conferences, music concerts, sports events and organised protests, security is a top priority. Guards are required for various reasons, including crowd and queue control, bottlenecking the entrance and exits and searching guests’ bags for prohibited items. Security staff can also keep an eye out for any antisocial behaviour amongst visitors and respond accordingly.

Apartments and buildings

If your company manages private apartment blocks, buildings or even private roads, you’ll need a team of security staff to man the doors and gates. They’ll stop any unauthorised persons coming in and out and can take on a similar role to a hotel concierge; your team will be on the door to support residents with anything they require, including signing for parcels, ordering taxis and carrying luggage.

Five benefits of hiring private security

If your business falls under any of the categories listed above, investing some of your finances into hiring private security is a no brainer. But what are the benefits for your company? How can it improve operations? Will it improve the way your staff work? Well, below we offer five reasons to hire a team of security contractors.

Sense of security

Having a team of guards onsite gives you, your staff and your customer’s peace of mind that they’re safe from harm. Knowing that there is a security presence on the premises is reassuring for all. In fact, when it comes to your employees, feeling concerned about personal safety could actually affect their productivity. This is particularly true within the hospitality industry, as without security, many staff members are expected to step in and deal with disruptive behaviour and potentially dangerous situations, limiting their ability to work efficiently.

Prevention and deterrence

The presence of security staff doesn’t just have an effect on those it’s protecting- it also deters people from misbehaving. Shoplifting, antisocial behaviour, petty crime and disrespectful treatment of staff is far less likely to occur when a security team are in situ. For example, if you run a bar and well-oiled punters are being rude towards bar staff, you can ask your security to step in and handle the situation safely and appropriately, without things getting out of hand.

Customer service

Hiring a team of security contractors will give your business the ‘professional’ stamp of approval. Not only does it show that you take security seriously, but it also demonstrates that you care for your employees, customers and the general public. By enlisting the services of experienced guards, you’ll benefit from personable and friendly security staff that can interact with customers and promote your products and services. They’ll also provide a certain level of management, allowing your employees to focus on their jobs without distraction.

Immediate response to crime

Your security team will be highly trained and experienced, ready and alert to react to situations as and when they happen with the appropriate response. Unlike static security solutions like CCTV, human operatives are adaptable and autonomous and can take action immediately. In extreme cases, they’re also trained to detain suspects and liaise with the police if necessary.

Monitoring and surveillance

Not all of your security team will be operating on the ‘front line’; you can hire staff to manage your technological security assets, such as access control and CCTV, as well as checking the credentials of people coming in and out and searching bags. You can give your security staff specific tasks in order to maximise their potential and take security responsibilities off the shoulders of your employees.

Leisure Guard Security: Hire your professional security team from one of the North’s leading security companies

If you’re looking to protect your business from crime, disruption and vulnerability, choose Leisure Guard Security today. We have a skilled team of over one hundred fully trained and SIA-licensed security professionals who will ensure that your premises, employees and assets are kept safe and secure at all times. Our impressive accreditations guarantee your safety at all times, giving you the peace of mind that you’re investing in a trusted team of professionals who have the knowledge and skills you’re after.

As a leading security services company operating across the North West, we’re proud to say that we’ve worked with a huge variety of both local and national clients operating within many industries, from hospitality and retail to entertainment and sports. Our team of staff offer a range of skills and services, all designed and implemented to suit your needs. For example, we can provide door supervisors, event security, and construction guards, to name a few.

With us, you never have to worry about the safety of your staff or customers and you can rest assured that your property and assets won’t ever be compromised. For more information about what we can offer your business, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.

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