The importance of security services at events

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19 March 2019

From business conferences to company-wide celebratory events, security services can bring a sense of safety and stability to any corporate event. Yes, there will be a cost involved if you want to get professional security for your next business event, but the investment is worth it if you want to absolutely guarantee the security and safety of all your guests.

The good news is that there is now a range of private security companies that specialise in corporate and commercial security. At Leisure Guard Security, we specialise in event security staff.

While security incidents may be uncommon in corporate events, getting professional security for your next big event will help make doubly sure that your event will run smoothly and without any incidents. Professional security is especially important if any of your guests are high-profile and are in need of a certain level of protection. The security presence on the day will not only reduce your own stress, but it will also offer any such guests peace of mind.

To help you make a decision on whether a security agency is right for you, here are some of the many benefits of hiring professional security for your event:

Security companies can offer you peace of mind and help you prepare for the unexpected

Whether an incident occurs at your event or not, you’ll be glad that you got a security solution for your event simply due to the peace of mind that it brings you. With the assurance of manned guarding on the day, there is no need to stress about any potential security-related issues. You can rest easy knowing that if things do get out of hand, a security officer will be on-site to step in and de-escalate the situation. They will be trained on how to deal with a number of situations, and emergencies within large crowds.

Remember, while it’s very likely that your event will go off without a hitch, it’s a risk not to have any security professionals present in case a potentially dangerous situation arises. Without their presence, a bad situations could get much worse than it needs to be.

Professional security presence will ensure that everyone is on their best behaviour

Often, having security officers at your event is beneficial not only because of the safety element but also because their mere presence can deter any intruders or troublemakers.

When your guests and attendees can see that you have a security presence, they’re less likely to partake in any unruly behaviour. Any potential intruders or outsiders will also be put off from trying to crash your event once they see that you’ve got professional security on board.

A security agency can assist with crowd management

Expecting a large crowd at your event? Events with a huge number of people gathered within the same confined space can lead to congestion and other crowd-related issues. With this in mind, it’s absolutely essential that event organisers are assessing any potential safety concerns. Security companies can help implement the necessary measures to mitigate any risks.

Professional security staff will be trained in assisting with any crowd management tasks, such as offering directions to steer guests to the right areas or limiting entry to certain areas. This extra assistance can take some of the load off your event staffs’ shoulders.

If you’re planning on having certain areas restricted to specific guests, security officers can really come in handy. Having manned guarding present at the entry points for these sections will be hugely helpful on the day of the event. You can then be sure that all your guests are in the right place.

You can find a security agency that also provides parking management

Some security companies will also be able to provide staff that can help manage the parking arrangements at your event. This will help ensure that traffic in these spaces flows smoothly and your guests only park in those spaces that have been designated for your event.

Parking is a key logistical element of your event that will contribute to your guest experience. Ensure that all attendees are able to find a safe parking spot by booking sufficient space and hiring security staff. The security team assigned to the parking lot will be able to watch over the cars during the event, and also provide a safe environment for guests returning to their cars after dark.

Private security companies can provide door staff

If you’re keen to have bags checked before event entry, get security officers placed at your main entrances. Not only can professional security include bag checks, but you can also get ID verification and guest list checking. This is especially important for those corporate events where company confidential information will be discussed. Having manned guarding in place will ensure that only approved personnel make their way into your event.

Professional security officers can keep an eye on unruly guests

Security service is not just important for events because of a possible intrusion or a threat from the outside. There could also be potentially dangerous incidents involving the guests themselves.

For example, a guest could become a little too inebriated, or two guests may have an altercation. In such instances, security is essential, as guards can de-escalate any situation. If the disturbance continues and it is deemed necessary, the security staff can also remove guests from the event for you.

Remember, professional security staff are trained to deal with delicate situations which other event staff may not be equipped to handle. Having security at the event takes the burden off your shoulders and results in a safer environment for all attendees and organisers.

Security personnel will know when to contact the authorities

In case an incident occurs and external assistance is required, you’ll want the emergency services contacted as soon as possible. Private security companies are trained in how to best deal with emergency situations of all kinds. They will be the first to contact emergency medical services or the police department if needed. This can give you, as the event organiser, even more peace of mind that your guests will be kept as safe as possible.

Professional security solutions in Greater Manchester

Planning a big event for your company? Make sure you hire an experienced professional security agency such as Leisure Guard Security. We offer complete security solutions throughout Greater Manchester. Nottingham, Stoke and the North West of England.

Our skilled team doesn’t just provide security services for events. We have more than 100 fully trained and SIA-licensed officers available for your protection 24/7. No matter which industry you work for, Leisure Guard Security can provide a bespoke security solution for your needs. Get in touch with us to find out more.

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