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31 January 2020

Opportunists exist and are always on the look-out for committing theft, burglaries, even knife/gun crimes. This makes it essential for businesses to look at ways for keeping safe and secure. At Leisure Guard Security, we take our work seriously and are here to make sure you can run your business comfortably and safely without worrying about your assets.

So, what should you look for when employing Manguard Security?

1. Review the Supervision System for Security Guards:
A Security Guard has a major responsibility keeping individuals and businesses safe. With the presence of a Supervisor on duty, this will help maintain quality standards, professionalism and a better service. At Leisure Security Guard, we understand the importance of supervisory personnel and use an App that allows us to:

2. Assess the Training Provided to Security Company Guards:
Whilst it is now industry standard to ensure all guards on duty are SIA Licensed, the importance of other relevant training cannot be underestimated. Whilst SIA is a compulsory component, at Leisure Guard Security, we spend time with our personnel and provide training to ensure:

3. Verify your Guards Qualifications:
SIA Qualification is a fundamental requirement for a security guard. The individuals must complete this specific training before receiving their SIA license. To improve your Manguard Security, then ensure you have checked with the company that qualified staff are delivering the service required. It would be diligent to speak to the guard and interviewing them to gain the reassurance you need. Front line personnel at Leisure Guard Security are all fully qualified and wear the SIA License badges as instructed.

4. Meet Regularly with your Contractor:
Meeting with your contractor is probably one of the simplest ways to improve Manguard Security. Talk to your supplier and ensure your requirements are being fulfilled throughout the process. We encourage our clients to talk to us and give us feedback so that we can continue to improve our services and delivering quality throughout the whole relationship with the client.

Overall, always spend time learning what is out there in the marketplace, do your homework. As organisations, we all enjoy competitive rates, but there are other very important factors that need to be considered as listed earlier.

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