5 Myths About Hiring a Security Company

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26 November 2019

and why you should make sure that they’re present at your next event!

Although some employers or event organisers might disregard the recruitment of guards from a security company during events believing it to be an unnecessary expense, this is a terrible mistake to make. No matter where a site is located, or how safe an area seems, individuals or groups that are well-funded, determined, or even simply under-the-influence, can pose a risk to property or employees, or expose attendees to the risk of serious harm. For this reason, investing in the services of a high quality security company should be at the top of your priority list.


Myth 1: Security guards add little value for money

Don’t be lulled into a false sense of security simply because nothing has happened to date, or the local area is generally safe. Mischief-makers can strike at any time, but with the expert training on accurately assessing threats and identifying vulnerable areas which guards from a security company receive, they are a highly effective means of deterring criminal activity, ensuring safety and enforcing laws by communicating to potential troublemakers that their activities are being monitored and that there will be consequences for their actions. You can’t put a price on peace of mind.


Myth 2: Security guards receive little training

This persistent myth is completely untrue. The industry is highly regulated and professional security guards undergo a vigorous training programme. At Leisure Guard Security, our security company have a skilled team of over 100 fully-trained and SIA-licensed officers prepared for any challenge, spanning from the application of anti-terrorism techniques, to evacuation procedures, mob control, apprehension and arrest, de-escalation techniques, or surveillance techniques. As long as you hire a reliable security company with a proven track-record of success (that’s us!) you can rest assured that your property and event is as secure as can be.


Myth 3: Security guards are PR nightmares

The essence of the job is interacting with members of the public and guards from a security company who are trained appropriately will adapt their behaviour in accordance with what the situation in question demands. High quality security companies know that people skills are essential when it comes to diffusing conflict, enforcing policies, or protecting and leading people to safety and will train their guards accordingly. You can be sure that the guards at our security company will communicate in a professional manner with customers, event attendees, employees and visitors, whether they are deployed to hotels, sports or entertainment venues, festivals, construction sites, concerts, or shopping centres.


Myth 4: Security guards are only useful where there is a risk of violence

Whilst security guards are most often associated with protecting against the risk of aggressive behaviour, they are also the perfect choice for the purposes of crisis management. In the midst of the confusion following a fire for instance, clearly identifiable security guards provide a sense of comfort and can lead people to safety in an orderly manner.


Myth 5: Security guards lose focus easily

Security guards are well-aware that they must remain vigilant in order to excel at their jobs. Whilst events attended by a large number of visitors are unlikely to cause security guards to take their eyes off the ball, those in stationary or surveillance roles know precisely how to prevent boredom from compromising their effectiveness – by exercising discreetly, switching posts, eating healthy and staying well-hydrated.

If you contact us for a consultation today, we will provide you with an assessment of the recommended manpower, taking into account the venue layout and any budgetary constraints which might affect our assessment of the ideal distribution of security personnel.

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