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Leisure Guard Security have a strong passion to ensure the safety and well being of our staff. We have developed a series of training videos and more recently shared information on what to do during covid19.

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Our services

Our team of fully trained and SIA-accredited guards and officers offer a comprehensive range of security services for domestic and commercial purposes, including:

- Patrolling and monitoring on-site
- CCTV, keyholding and alarm response
- Securing premises
- Night watches
- Static or mobile patrol
- Door supervision.

Your satisfaction

At Leisure Guard Security in Greater Manchester, we recognise that each operation is different. Our skilled team will adapt to suit your requirements, providing a flexible approach to guarantee effective solutions. Should you require, our officers can also act as a receptionist, customer service personnel, switchboard attendant, or other role, in addition to being a secure presence. Our security officers wear our company uniform, but can also act as plain clothes officers. Our flexibility reflects our focus on finding the best security solution for you.

Static and mobile guards

To ensure both the security of your premises and your peace of mind, we offer both static and mobile guard patrols. Whether you need gatehouse security to control access to a site, or security guards to reinforce your professional image, our static security officers can watch your premises 24/7. A static guard provides a visual deterrent to any potential criminal threat. Alternatively, a substitute for a static guard is a mobile patrol, in which officers will visit your premises to ensure their safety. All visits are logged and arranged at irregular times so that any watching criminals cannot establish a pattern. We also provide visible warning boards to all those who use this service to act as a further deterrent.

Both our static and mobile patrols create a high profile presence which serves not only as a preventative measure, but can also be extremely helpful in the early detection of any possible security problems.

24/7 security solutions

In addition to providing a physical presence, at Leisure Guard Security, we can also monitor your premises at our off-site control centre, 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. With this efficient service, you can be confident that our SIA-accredited guards will rapidly respond to any alarm call, and liaise effectively with the emergency services if there are any signs of criminal activity.

Our team is trained to provide a detailed report of every alarm response that we attend, guaranteeing your future safety and value for money.

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