5 Questions to Ask Your Security Guard Agency


21 September 2018

Be it a hotel, a retail outlet, an important event or a construction site, security is essential everywhere to prevent unauthorised access and to ensure peace of mind. Leading security agencies like Leisure Guard Security provide security services to cater to every need of business enterprises and organisations. If you seek professional security services for your establishment, you must get in touch with a reputable security company. Here are some key questions to ask your security guard services provider before you make that all important decision.

1] How many years of experience does your agency have in the security domain?

This is, by far, the most important question to ask your security agency before you choose to work with them. Years of experience in the field are a good indicator of the expertise and the capability of dealing with unforeseen situations. Also, an agency with several years of experience is likely to be more reliable and trustworthy. Seeking the services of a security company involves trusting them with the safety of your business and so it pays to ensure the agency has a stellar reputation.

2] Have you worked for a similar establishment before?

Years of experience in the security industry counts, but what also matters is whether the agency in question has previously worked for an establishment similar to yours. After all, the security protocols for a grand event differ from those meant for a commercial establishment, a construction site or a hotel. So, before you choose an agency, make sure they know the ins and outs to guarantee safety of your staff or clients.

3] Are the security personnel working for your agency qualified for the job?

This question is to ensure that the people responsible for the security of your establishment are well trained for the job. Also, ensure all the security guards have a license and have undergone thorough background verification and security clearance fingerprint checks. After all, when it’s about the safety of your establishment, you just cannot afford to take risks.

4] What is your plan/strategy regarding the implementation of security at my establishment?

This question will help you get an idea regarding what to expect. If you need armed personnel, let the agency know about it. Also, ask them about manned guarding available and their positioning within or outside the establishment.

5] Whom should I contact in case there is a requirement for more personnel?

You should have a point of contact to reach out to in case of any last minute requirements or any queries or doubts that might crop up. After all, you simply can’t take any chances, can you? Get complete details of the contact person, along with alternate phone numbers.

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