First-Class Construction Site Security in Manchester

There can be many hazards on construction sites, but the security of your site needn’t be one. Our skilled team have a wealth of experience in implementing site security solutions that help to ensure your construction project is completed on time and on budget. Leisure Guard Security offers a fully qualified, proactive and professional solution for your construction site security needs in Greater Manchester and the North West of England. With prices starting at just £10.95, we offer affordable solutions to potentially expensive problems.

Bespoke security cover

At Leisure Guard Security, we offer a flexible service, tailor-made to suit your exact requirements. Whatever your construction job size, length or budget, our team have got you covered.

24/7 remote monitoring

A further site security alternative is our Tower Guard, a 360⁰ mobile CCTV tower that provides 24/7 remote monitoring for your premises. Current figures estimate that site theft cost over £60 million last year, and plant and equipment theft was almost 24,000 units with 9 out of 10 stolen items never recovered. Benefits of The Tower Guard include:

- It’s equipped with industry-leading technology, enabling quick response times, making an excellent deterrent for any would-be thief or vandal.
- With a smart charging system, the tower can run for up to 6 weeks, whereas a manned guard would be using costly diesel on a daily basis.
- The Tower Guard can be installed quickly in all terrains without the need for expensive infrastructure such as power, broadband and lighting, providing an affordable, semi-permanent security solution for your site.

Mobile or static security solutions

Depending on your site, our skilled team can offer both mobile and static security solutions. A static guard provides a visual deterrent to any potential criminal threat; alternatively, a substitute for a static guard is a mobile patrol, in which officers will visit your premises at intervals. All officer visits are logged and scheduled at irregular times so as to prevent any potential criminals from establishing a pattern.

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