Do you really need security at your Christmas party?

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6 December 2018

As December has now firmly arrived, we can be sure of three things. Advent calendars are being opened as we speak, Michael Bublé is all we’ll be listening to, and our colleagues are eagerly anticipating this year’s Christmas party!

In the six months prior, when bookings usually take place, it can seem a little over the top to consider security. Surely the people you work alongside every day won’t do anything untoward, especially after such time, money and effort has been put into organising the entire evening.

How many times have we at Leisure Guard Security heard that before?

It’s the one night of the year where co-workers spend time together outside of work, which often means that even the best-laid plans can get slightly out of control. The money saved by each employee thanks to their employer’s contributions is swiftly put behind the bar, and from there it’s a slippery slope.

That’s just one scenario, and while our team of security professionals aren’t here to stop the fun, they can help keep everything under control, ensuring there are no emergency HR meetings on your return to work.

Below, we’ll guide you through a few of the things you need to consider whilst on your staff party.


“If your name’s not down, you’re not coming in!”

Gatecrashers are rife at Christmas parties, knowing that there’s likely to be money behind the bar and free food. You’d be surprised how quickly people can take advantage of the situation, telling friends to join them, or even worse – unknown people arriving, racking up the bill and causing trouble once they’re spotted.

Having a dedicated guard on duty to control who’s coming in and who’s going out will put your mind at ease.

Plus, with a guard on the door, you can control anyone bringing those concealed ‘gift for my friend’ bottles that could result in drinking getting out of hand incredibly quickly.


Preventing altercations

How often do we see words exchanged, or worse, at a Christmas party? It seems as if it happens every year and puts a tarnish on the entire event.

Our staff can step in before either party does something they’ll regret in the morning. By monitoring the party-goers, and knowing which signs to look out for when something like this could occur, we’ll protect your staff from any trouble.


Preventing damage & theft from the venue

When the drink kicks in, getting carried away with an idea is all too easy. The more lavish the venue, the more impact theft can have when you return to work and find your party is responsible for some less than desirable behaviour.

However, it’s also worth considering that as the night moves on, jackets, handbags, and coats can be left unattended at tables – a paradise for thieves. Having trained, plain-clothed staff that are monitoring tables to ensure people are returning to their possessions is a welcome benefit.

For more information about our range of reliable security services, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Leisure Guard Security today.

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