Ever Consider a Job in Professional Security?

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12 August 2018

By holding a position at a trusted security agency, you will be expected to protect individuals, physical locations and valuable assets and information from any potential threat of violence, theft or destruction. It is not a job that is right for everyone, and requires a number of both innate and learned skills. However, it can be an incredibly rewarding and respected profession. Consider the following points to help determine if a position within one of England’s must trusted security companies could be right for you.


Qualities necessary in effective security guards

To work as an effective and professional protection agent, there are a number of qualities that will be important for you to either have or acquire. For example:

Many of the best security guards have a background in law enforcement or the military, which can be extremely helpful in preparing someone for the training and expectations associated with a job in personal and corporate security.


Beneficial training and skills that will last a lifetime

Security companies take training extremely seriously, particularly an agency like Leisure Guard Security, who work with some of the biggest and most respected names in entertainment and industry. Most security guard companies offer training to new hires, to ensure that they fully qualified and prepared for the job required. For some positions this may involve firearms training and all professional security guards are required to be SIA-licensed.


Types of security company jobs you can expect

There are a number of different locations that you can expect to work in when you are employed with a security company, including:


Join a Respected Team at Leisure Guard Security

Covering England from Greater Manchester to Stoke on Trent and Birkenhead, Leisure Guard Security offers a variety of options that can help to protect your premises and assets, with over a hundred highly trained and professional SIA-approved agents. If you have ever considered being a security guard or personal protection specialist, please apply on our website or, for more information, call us on 0800 035 6607 or email  info@leisureguardsecurity.co.uk.

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