Four Tips for Better Event Safety

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19 March 2019

Planning your next corporate event? On top of all the various things you need to organise, there is also event safety to consider. Here are some of our top security tips to help your event go off without a hitch:

Select a venue with a focus on safety and security

When searching for venues for your event, always ask them about their security protocols. You’ll quite quickly get a sense of whether they prioritise security or not. Ask to see all the exits and entry points, and make sure that the venue staff will be helpful in case of an incident.

Have a clear chain of command

Before the event takes place, establish who will be in charge in case of an emergency. This information should be relayed to all event and venue staff. This will save considerable time if things get chaotic as everyone will know exactly who to turn to.

Prepare for the unexpected

Although a major crisis is unlikely, it’s important to plan your event with the consideration that anything could happen. Work with a professional security company to go through all the different scenarios and come up with a safety plan for each of them. It’s crucial that the emergency action plan is circulated to all relevant parties.

Make sure all security staff is kept informed

Once you’ve found the right security guard company for your event, you need to make sure that they’re properly briefed beforehand. Share your venue layout, event agenda, and any specific areas of concern. The more you communicate with your security staff, they better they’ll be able to help maintain the safety of your event. On that note, everyone (from your caterers to your cleaning staff) should be in the loop regarding the event logistics, the schedule of activities and important points such as the emergency exits. The more informed your staff is, the more smoothly your event will run.

Professional security solutions in Greater Manchester

Looking for a local security guard company for your next event? Make sure you hire an experienced professional security agency such as Leisure Guard Security. We offer complete security solutions throughout Greater Manchester. Nottingham, Stoke and the North West of England.

Our skilled team doesn’t just provide security services for your corporate events. We have more than 100 fully trained and SIA-licensed officers available for your protection 24/7. No matter which industry you work for, Leisure Guard Security can provide a bespoke security solution for your needs. Get in touch with us to find out more.


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