High figures of crime reported, but not recorded


20 March 2021

At Leisure Guard Security, based in Bolton, there is no such thing as a typical day.  The highly skilled and wide-spread team work to support businesses and the public sector to protect premises, people and keep order.

A recent HMICFRS report showed evidence that many crimes were not being recorded and the Inspectorate has suggested that averaging this out over a year, means that a massive 80,000 crimes went unrecorded on the systems for Greater Manchester Police.

Since the report came out, GMP have put extra measures in place to train staff further, record crimes more effectively and include quality assurance processes, meaning that an extra 400 crimes per week are now being recorded.

Leisure Guard Security staff have been in place and witnessed many crimes over the years and on-site staff are often called upon to deal with and protect businesses during attack of their staff and buildings.  Saj Kadva, Operations Director of Leisure Guard Security commented:

“Although this is a serious report showing staggering figures of unrecorded crimes, we are comforted that GMP are looking ahead and putting much needed processes in place to remedy the situation going forward.  We are committed to continue in the stance against crime and support the Police Force and other public sector services in the work that they do.”

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