Hotel Tips and Professional Security: Keep Safe When Travelling


23 September 2018

Individuals are particularly vulnerable when away from home. The best thing a hotel can do is to hire a security agency to help ensure the safety of their guests. However, there are also things that a traveller should keep in mind for their own wellbeing. A combination of the following will mean a more relaxing and peaceful stay, regardless of whether you are travelling for business or pleasure.


The best way to stop a crime from happening is before it begins

Security agencies and manned guarding services can include patrolling the hotel premises and overseeing security cameras. These professional security teams are aware of who the guests are, and can spot an intruder or suspicious activity before it turns into a serious situation. Just the presence of guards can be a huge deterrent to potential security threats, and is something that any hotel should seriously consider.


What you can do to help keep yourself and your belongings safe

While the hotel you are staying in may have the best security guard services in place, it is always a good idea to make sure that you do what you can to help protect yourself, as well:

Supply your personal information ahead of time: By booking your room before you arrive, you can avoid having to give sensitive information out where others might be able to hear. If you do have to give your name or credit card info, hand any information over, as opposed to saying out loud.

Always have an eye on your belongings: This is just good common sense. Set your bags down in front of you, not behind you or to the side. Also, carry your own bags to your room, as opposed to having someone bring them up for you.

Keep the “do not disturb” sign up, and the television on: It’s good habit to keep up the privacy sign for the full time that you are staying in a hotel, which can dissuade individuals from entering when you might be out.

Take time to know your surroundings: Upon checking in, take a moment to make sure that you know where the nearest stairwell and fire exits are. Also, outside of the hotel, ensure that you have a good sense of where the nearest hospital and police station are located, should an emergency arise.

Avoid using the hotel room safe: If your room does happen to be broken into, the first spot a thief will typically look is the hotel safe. These are often basic devices that are easy to break into or steal entirely. The second place a criminal will typically look? Under the mattress.


Leisure Guard Security helps protect and secure hotel guests

Covering England from Greater Manchester to Stoke on Trent and Birkenhead, Leisure Guard Security offers a variety of options that can help to protect your premises and assets, with over a hundred highly trained and professional SIA-approved agents. This is particularly important if you are a corporation or establishment that cares for a number of guests. For more information, call us on 0800 035 6607 or at

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