How Hiring Professional Security Will Benefit Your Building


15 October 2018

When managing a block of flats, it’s sometimes difficult to know what’s best for your building. Ideally you want to provide a safe and attractive space for your tenants, but you still need to make a profit. For this reason, many managers forgo hiring professional security in favour of saving money.

While this may save you a few pounds, the potential risks of ignoring the need for security guard services completely outweigh the small financial incentive. From attracting more clients, to saving money by deterring vandals and theft, there are plenty of great reasons that, when it comes to managing a building, not hiring security guards is one corner that you definitely shouldn’t cut.

Your Building Will Be More Attractive to Potential Tenants

As most building owners know, having vacant flats is a huge loss of potential income. Each day that a flat remains empty you’re losing money.

Therefore, you want to make your building as attractive as possible for any potential future tenants. One great way to go about doing this is by creating a safe and secure building by employing the services of a professional security company. By having a firm manned guarding your building, future tenants will know that you’ve taken measures to assure the safety of your residents, making them far more likely to fill that vacancy.

Current Tenants Will Feel More Secure in Their Homes

Not only will using the services of a security agency likely impress potential tenants, but it will also help to retain current tenants by making them feel more secure in their homes. Feeling safe in one’s home is a top priority for anyone who’s renting a flat, and as a building manager it’s your job to make sure that your building is, in fact, secure.

If making your residents happy isn’t reason enough to look into security agencies, and then remember that tenants that feel secure are also more willing to pay higher rent, giving you a slight financial incentive as well.

It Discourages Vandalism and Other Crime

Vandalism and other types of crime, such as theft, will both scare off your tenants, as well as lead to expensive repairs and replacements.

Fortunately, the services that security companies provide are probably the best way to deter any would be criminal from messing with your building. While other deterrents such as cameras and gates are helpful, nothing is more effective than having a set of eyes there to chase off those with nefarious intents.

They Can Immediately Respond to any Issues

Whether there’s a fire, domestic violence, a natural disaster or any other emergency, having someone available to immediately respond is invaluable. While the police or the fire services are great resources for handling any emergency, they take time to arrive, and in the meantime injuries, or even worse can occur.

Having professional security in your building allows for an immediate response to any emergency, making time for steps to be taken to mitigate damage well before the police arrive.

Affordable Security That You Can Count On

For those considering professional security for their building in the North West of England should contact Leisure Security, by phone on 0800 035 6607, or by email at

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