How Office Security Improves Employee Performance

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19 November 2019

Office security is important for obvious reasons. When security guards are present, thieves and similar intruders are simply less likely to target your business. Even if they do attempt to commit a crime on your property, the presence of a security guard increases the likelihood that they will be apprehended.

However, you might not have considered the fact that office security can also have a beneficial impact on employee performance. To better understand how, consider these points:

Employees Will Have Peace of Mind

People want to know they are safe wherever they go. That includes work. If people don’t feel safe in their own working environment, they’ll find it’s more difficult to focus on key tasks throughout the day.

That’s not something you need to worry about when you have security guards protecting your office. When employees see them, they’ll naturally feel safer. The result? Your employees will work more efficiently and productively. This gives your business a unique advantage over the competition.

Your Relationship with Employees Will Improve

Again, office security makes employees feel safer than they otherwise would. It can also improve their perception of you as an employer. Quite simply, when they realise you’ve hired security guards to protect both them and the business, they’ll appreciate that you took steps to keep them safe. The beneficial impact this has on employee engagement is substantial.

Of course, when employees have respect for their employers, they’re typically more committed to performing to the best of their abilities. It’s also worth noting that they’re less likely to pursue employment elsewhere. This can help you guard against the high cost of employee turnover.

You Won’t Attract the Wrong Employees

Unfortunately, not all employees are as dedicated as others. Some people pursue jobs with little respect for those hiring them. Thus, they may feel tempted to commit theft or other such actions on the property.

However, if you invest in office security, the types of employees inclined to engage in such behaviours won’t be attracted to your organisation. Instead, you’ll attract the type of candidates who are more likely to simply focus on their work.

This doesn’t just protect your business from losses resulting from hiring criminal employees. When all employees have respect for the company, the overall workplace atmosphere is much more positive.

Again, you already know office security protects your business from criminals. Just remember, it can also boost employee performance. That’s yet another reason it’s worth prioritising.

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