How Technology Helps Security Guards Prevent Theft At Events

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19 March 2019

Security at events shouldn’t be just an afterthought – it’ very important. As events get larger and larger it can be challenging to prevent theft. Perhaps you are organising an event in Bolton that will feature some valuable items? Fortunately, due to the wonders of modern science, technology can be utilised to aid security staff in preventing criminals from stealing your assets. If you want to make your event as secure as humanly possible you can do so by employing a few new pairs of eyes…and I don’t necessarily mean more security staff.

Assess The Situation

Before you even book the venue you should consider your event’s size; do you need a relatively small venue or do you need somewhere bigger? The requirements of a large event differ considerably from a small one. When you think you have chosen the correct size you should assess which areas are potentially vulnerable to thieves. Where are the items located? Which ones are the most valuable? Is there potentially any hidden areas that restrict line of sight? This is a good time to assess health and safety concerns as well as security – there is no harm in being overprepared!


You are unlikely to suffer theft from people that you know or you have invited personally, so if you only let in these people, and exclude anyone else, you should be able to cut theft down to a minimum. This can be done relatively simply by building an identification system, either run by your staff or technology. If you use a ID scanner and connect it to a database you can minimise the risk of theft.


Good quality security staff show an almost sixth sense ability in spotting theft or people who are acting in a way that suggests they may steal – nonetheless, they can’t be everywhere at once. Security cameras can be surprisingly high resolution for a reasonable price in 2019, so installing these modern marvels can be very effective. They can also be even more productive when used with other technologies such as a speaker system, telephones or alive feed. One of the biggest mistakes that people make when employing security cameras is not making them highly visible. Despite its capabilities, one of the biggest strengths of the security camera is its ability to act as a deterrent.


Alarms are very practical and cost-effective methods of security at events. At smaller events noise only bell alarms are usually good enough for the situatio. Larger events are usually more suited to having a monitor alarm which sends automated alerts directly to the security team. They are also very effective when they are combined with other forms of technology such as television displays and sound equipment.

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