How To Keep Your Business Safe

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When you own or manage a business, the safety of it becomes paramount. It is just as important to prevent crimes from happening as managing the situation when they do. Leisure Guard Security, leading providers of professional security, are experts in keeping businesses safe and we’ve put together some tips that can help you keep your workplace safe.


Tips to keep the exterior safe

The appearance of your business is very important. If it looks rundown or unoccupied then it is more likely to attract criminals.

  • Ensure that the building itself is taken care of, even if you’re not using it right now.
  • Have the landscaping looked after
  • Make sure the parking lot is clean.
  • Take down any old signs or displays that are damaged


Lay out your premises to deter criminals

  • Mark the entrance clearly.
  • Mark public and private areas in your organisation. Don’t make it easy for the public to have access to staff only areas.
  • If there are fire escape ladders on your building, make sure that they are secured and that they cannot be used to access another part of your building such as the roof
  • Don’t cover any of the windows.
  • Always keep the building well lit, especially around the rear.
  • Keep any loading bays clear of anything that obstructs the view.
  • Install surveillance, particularly at entrances, so you can monitor who comes and leaves
  • Make sure your alarm system is up to date and that it works properly
  • If you own a shop, make sure the check out is near the entrance so that employees and security guards can see what’s going on inside and outside.


Prevention against break-ins and burglary

If you want to make your business even more secure, follow the below tips:

  • Open and well-lit spaces are the best deterrent, burglars do not like being seen!
  • Use deadbolts on all external doors
  • If any exterior doors swing out when opened then pin their hinges so that they cannot be removed from them.
  • Protect glass and windows with bars or security shutters.
  • If you keep money on the premises, then empty out where it is kept in the evening. Leave that drawer open so that burglars can see there is nothing to take.

If you do have a burglary take place on your premises be sure to contact the police as soon as possible. Don’t enter your property in case there is still a burglar on the premises. Don’t touch anything as you may destroy evidence.


Keep staff safe

Here are some ways that you can keep your staff safe in the event of an intruder.

  • Don’t let anyone work alone. If it absolutely necessary then turn a TV or radio on in another room so it appears that someone else is on the premises.
  • Bank deposits should be made at different times so that a pattern can’t be identified.
  • Install a silent alarm that is accessible to employees.
  • Put some markings along doorframe every half a foot, so that people can estimate the height of the intruder.
  • Have signs that indicate that the safe can only be accessed by two people who must corroborate each other’s code and identity.
  • Hire a good security company to keep your staff safe.


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