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9 December 2019

A security guard is there to not only keep premises secure, but also keep every person inside, safe too. You would think that would be enough for them to be treated with respect, but sadly that is not the case and the day-to-day life of a security guard can be incredibly dangerous.

Just recently, a Manchester security guard had petrol poured over his head during a robbery (link) and so frequent are the tales of the violence security guards face. Whether it’s tackling foul mouthed abuse from drunk punters in a bar or dealing with aggressive shoplifters, being a security guard is a tough job.

Alongside the dangers, the job can entail long hours with incredible focus to remain vigilant throughout an entire shift. However, it can also be very rewarding and varied, with our security guards covering a wide range of jobs and industries; from door supervisors to hotel security.

Whilst it is a dangerous job at times, proper training and preparation can increase the safety not only for security guards but also for the public. As one of the leading security companies in the North West of England, all our guards are given regular training to ensure they are constantly working in the safest possible environment.

With the ever-changing world we live in, this regular training means our security guards can tackle any task in a safe and secure manner. Whether it’s techniques such as how to engage with the public, how to diffuse situations, first aid or crowd control, training can help make the job safer for our staff.

Whilst our team are employed at many different locations and events, the training remains valid no matter where they are.  Not only do we provide training, but we also work with several accredited associations to maintain high standards in our guards.

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