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18 October 2019

As the end of another year approaches, many people’s focus will be on Christmas, present planning and all the other festivities that come with this season. But, with all the running around that we do to ensure that our Christmas goes smoothly, or travelling long distances to visit our loved ones, it can be easy to forget about the safety of our homes.

Believe it or not, in recent years offences committed during the Christmas period have risen by more than 20%, with thefts increasing from 11,804 to 15,148 – meaning Christmas could turn out more like Home Alone than you first thought. With the amount of expensive possessions lying round, empty homes and distracted homeowners, Christmas may be considered the perfect time for opportunists to strike and bag themselves some new gifts.

Luckily, we have some top tips that will improve the safety of your home and make your Christmas one to remember for all the right reasons. Read on, for all you need to know about staying safe over Christmas, from one of the top security companies in North West England.

Ways of safeguarding your home over Christmas

Tis the season to be jolly, with Christmas parties, markets, films and gifts; the perfect opportunity to splash out, and buy your partner a present they’ve always wanted or even treat yourself to something special. However, it’s also a period for spending time with your loved ones,but also a time where you should be extra cautious and you don’t want your Christmas to be ruined by a break-in to your home.

With this is mind, below we explain our top tips for safeguarding your home.

Hide presents

We can all appreciate a beautiful Christmas tree, complete with piles of perfectly wrapped gifts, burglars included. Hold off on putting your presents under the tree, although it looks great, if they can be seen from the outside the sight is enough to make your home a target for opportunists. As much as you and your family are dying to see what’s wrapped inside, so are intruders, so it’s a sensible idea to hold off putting them under the tree. Wait until Christmas eve or early Christmas morning to lay out your gifts, this will create even more of a surprise for your family and reduce the risk of burglaries.

Appear home

Whether you’re doing some late night Christmas shopping, going ice skating or visiting friends and family, if a robber can see something they like from outside, or simply wants to take their chances breaking into your home, they’re more likely to do so if it looks like noone is there. A simple way of combating this is to keep your Christmas lights on if your tree is in the window. Draw your curtains enough, so that the back of the tree is peeking through but people from the outside cannot see completely into the room. You could also leave hallway and upstairs lights on, so it appears like someone is home.

Improve home security

Christmas is the perfect excuse to upgrade your home security. Broken window locks, and flimsy doors can make it easy to break into your home, so always get repairs done or have new installations installed in the lead up to Christmas. CCTV and motion sensor lights are also a good investment, they will show opportunists that you are serious about home security and your home should be avoided.

Use social media carefully

If you’ve received the present of your dreams, it can be tempting to share pictures on social media, however doing so can put you at risk of getting robbed. Try and only share these details with people you trust, take a look at your profile settings and see if you can restrict your sharing details, of safer yet, don’t post anything at all.

Professional security tips, if you’re going away at Christmas

At Christmas, visiting family and friends is commonplace, taking long road trips across the UK to meet up for your annual gathering, popping to the other side of town for a Christmas roast with your loved ones or jetting off for some winter sun. No matter how far you’re travelling, you should always do all that you can to keep your property safe.

Here we explain things you can do to keep your home safe if you’re going away over Christmas.

Hide packaging

The amount of packaging you get through at Christmas can leave your bins bulging. If you’re going away before the bins are due to be collected, consider holding some rubbish back. This will stop it being spotted by opportunists, especially recognisable packing from consoles, TVs or other electrical items which could lead to a break-in.

Don’t share your plans

Be careful who you share your plans with. Again, avoid sharing details on social media such as where you’re going and for how long – you never know who could take advantage of this information.

Confide in your neighbours

If you feel like you can trust your neighbours, why not ask them to watch over your home while you’re away? Ask if they can take in your rubbish bins as this is often a key indicator that noone is home. You could also ask them to park their car on your drive and generally keep an eye out for anything suspicious.

How can a security guard protect your home at Christmas?

If you live in an apartment or flat, having a security officer on the doors can improve the security of the whole building, especially at Christmas. As people host parties, dinners and gatherings this means the apartment block is open to new people, which could mean more opportunists. Having a security guard on standby is a great way of minimising crime, keeping you safe during Christmas and New Year.

Here at Leisure Guard Security, we have a team of professional security officers who can improve the security of your home. Watching over the lobby or patrolling the area, we can arrange the right service for you.


For many, seeing a security guard is a surefire way of preventing them from committing a robbery. In retail, many shops will hire security officers for this very reason, however, it can also benefit domestic premises. As a deterrent, even the mere sight of an officer can instantly reduce the chances of a break-in.

Entry lists

One thing that security guards can help with is monitoring who comes in and out of a building. A ‘signing in’ system will keep track of goings on, or perhaps each apartment will have a list of permitted guests. This will prevent unwanted people from entering your flat, in an attempt to break in.

Unusual behaviour

In some cases, burglars will scout out your home before they return to commit the crime. If they do this while you’re at work or you simply don’t spot it, this may result in a successful robbery. However, having a security guard looking over your apartment block means an extra pair of eyes to make note of anything unusual. Opportunists may try their luck if they believe you’re not home, but a security guard will safeguard your home and spot things you could miss.

Leisure Guard Security: The security service you can trust

If you’re looking to improve the safety of your home or business over Christmas, you need a qualified team that you can trust. Here at Leisure Guard Security, based in Greater Manchester, we can provide security from just £10.95. Make sure you’re protected in the lead up to Christmas, get in touch today for more information.

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