Why should you hire a door supervisor?

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20 February 2019

In this day and age, security is important to almost every business.

From thieves to disruptive customers, if you’re a business owner you’ll probably be familiar with the troubles that can occur if the wrong people get through the doors.

If you haven’t already considered hiring a door supervisor for your business, we’re here to give you reasons why you should. Read on to find out:


  1. Security

One of the most obvious reasons you should hire a door supervisor is for security purposes. Keeping the reputation of your business can depend on how well customers behave and whether or not you’re taking action against preventing disruptive behaviour. Hiring a door supervisor means that trouble doesn’t get past the entry doors, making it much less likely for a disturbance to occur. This means that the security of your staff, customers and property is secure making it a more enjoyable and relaxing place for everyone.

Door supervisors aren’t limited to certain time on the job, so are able to help your business with security for any hours of the day or night that you require, keeping it secure and safe whenever you most need it.


  1. Safety

As a business you want your customers and staff to feel as safe as possible.

Door supervisors are not only able to monitor the people entering the building or event, but they’re also able to keep an eye out for any unusual behaviour which might cause disruption. Prevention is key, especially when it comes to your staff and customers health and safety.


  1. Prevent expensive problems

Allowing troublesome people into your establishment isn’t only a risk to your customers, it’s a risk to your business, too. Door supervisors can help spot any conflicts and prevent them from entering the property, keeping your property safe from potential damage.


  1. Identification Checks

If you own a licensed premises or have run events in the past, you’ll know the importance of ensuring that everyone entering the establishment is of the legal age requirement. Checking identification can be a lengthy process and one that might require you to hire additional staff for. Door supervisors are able to monitor if those entering the premises of the legal age requirement, ensuring your business is adhering to the law and keeping away from costly fines.

Leisure Guard Security is here to provide you with the most professional safety solutions. We offer a wide range of security professionals to help prevent crime and keep your business safe in Greater Manchester. From door supervisors to events, hotel, office, retail and building security, our fully trained team are available 24 hours.

If you own a business that is hosting an event that requires door supervisors in the Manchester area, get in touch today to see how we can help secure your business.



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