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12 November 2018

Are you looking for a security company to protect your commercial or corporate property? If so, you need to know what to look for in order to get a company that is worth the money. This means doing the necessary research, creating a checklist and crossing off all the companies that don’t meet the criteria.

Hiring security is a priority endeavour for anyone looking to protect physical, commercial assets. Taking the time to do it properly will ensure maximum safety for your property, assets, employees – and indeed, customers.

Why choosing the right security agency is important for your business

Before we talk about how you can go about choosing security companies, let’s raise the importance of how you make the right choice.

The world can be a dangerous place. There all sorts of security threats to deal with, such as thieves, burglars and vandals. But just because you seek protection, it doesn’t mean you can hire any security company that promises to keep you safe. You need to hire one that suits the needs of your business and is able to deal with any threat that arises, otherwise, you are just putting yourself more at risk.

Here are reasons why choosing the right security agency is important.


To protect your company, employees and customers

When people see security guards, they just feel safe and protected. You will feel that your entire property and company assets are in good hands, making them one less thing you have to worry about. Furthermore, this can put the minds of your employees and customers at ease as well, since they know threats can be neutralised. As a result, employees work better and customers interact with your business more freely due to this sense of security.

To prevent potential threats

Having guards also means you are not always reactive to threats – but proactive as well. A security company with trained guards can notice when a crime is about to take place and stop the culprits in their tracks. Moreover, the mere presence of security guards, especially armed ones, can deter a criminal from carrying out their intended objectives.

To reduce business insurance

Insurance premiums are already high, and doing all you can to lower them can save you a bundle to contribute towards your working capital. With armed guards on your premises, the risk to your business is reduced, which makes a compelling case to present to your insurance provider to get lower business insurance premiums.

To assist in all security-related matters

Guards can do plenty of other things to make sure your business is secure in ways you wouldn’t think about. Other security-related things guards can do include the following:


What to look for in a professional security company

Hiring the wrong security agency can open you up to potential threats, and you are more likely to make the wrong choice if you have no clue what you are looking for. Think of hiring a security company like hiring an employee: you will likely have a list of things that make the candidate a perfect match for the position.

With your list of security companies in hand, it is time to see if they meet the criteria of a professional security company, as outlined below.


This does not mean go for the cheapest security company you find and hire them. If you choose security guards because they provide cheap services, you will get exactly what you paid for – cheap services. Assess your budget and needs before you start looking for a firm to make sure you find the best-matched company.


You need to hire a security provider that does everything professionally, from the way they interact with you to the way they administer their services. Professionalism makes the difference, especially when it comes to preventing a bad situation from turning into something much worse. Only choose a security company that operates with the highest of integrity in all areas.


Make sure the security company you are thinking of hiring is extremely reliable. Check to see if all the guards in their roster have the necessary qualifications and training to provide security. Also, make sure they use the right equipment, latest security technology, strict security protocols and procedures to keep criminals out of your commercial or corporate building. And when things get too much to handle, they should have a quick line to the authorities.


If a security agency is experienced, it means it knows the best way to protect your business. It also means they are not afraid to make recommendations to showcase the knowledge and skill they have gained through the years. Experienced firms are easier to deal with since they can anticipate your needs from dealing with similar clients like yourself in the past.

Bespoke security

Even though the security company has dealt with commercial or corporate clients such as yourself, they should understand that security situations are not born equal. Each business has its own set of peculiarities, and they need to tailor their services to each individual client. A security provider that does not cater to your needs can leave areas of your business vulnerable to potential threats due to their inflexibility.


Customer needs are always evolving and your preferred security company should be responsive enough to handle any change. They should be available to you around the clock and always be ready to take the necessary action the moment your situation changes.


A good security company is one that comes highly recommended. People are twice as likely to share a bad experience, meaning you can rely on word of mouth. Start by looking at online reviews because that is where people really express their dissatisfaction with a service. Also, ask the security agency to provide references as well – don’t just stick to online reviews.


A first-class security company is one that is licenced by the Security Industry Authority (SIA). The entire private security industry in the UK is regulated by the SIA. Any security firm that is dedicated to providing their customers with nothing but excellence needs to make themselves accountable to a governing body. There are also other licences the agency can get to show that they are willing to go above and beyond to make sure their client is safe.

Highly-trained staff

The security service must personally hire every guard they work with, and provide rigorous testing to make sure they are field-ready. On top of that, they must provide them with ongoing training so that the guards and other security professionals in their employ are subjected to continuous professional development. That way, they can handle any threat that immerges, even if it is something the private security industry has never seen before.

Friendly guards

Of course, the guards they send your way have to be intimidating so that criminals stay away. But if an employee or customer approaches them, they should be welcoming and even helpful in places where they can offer their assistance. For example, if the guard is posted at the door, they should be able to open it for customers and greet them. People shouldn’t feel uneasy in your building due to the presence of the guards.

Top-notch customer service

If you have a problem with the service being provided, you should be able to reach them at any time to lodge a complaint. Their customer care representatives should be delighted to hear from you and assure you that your problem will be handled with the utmost urgency. If you don’t feel valued as a customer, it is hard to trust them with the security of your business.

When it comes to hiring a security company to take care of your commercial or corporate security needs, you can’t just go with the first company you come across. It can just end up opening you up to more security threats, on top of the ones you wish to stop. All candidates must be vetted to make sure they are the best match for your business, and having a checklist allows you to separate the wheat from the chaff.


To find out how we can help protect your assets, get in touch with us and we can walk you through the best options available for your business.

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