Five Reasons to Hire Professional Security on Your Construction Site

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23 August 2019

If you run a construction business, you’ll know just how many threats and hazards there are for both your staff and the nearby general public. For this reason, many construction managers opt to invest in round the clock construction security, giving them the peace of mind that their site is safe from harm at all times and that their assets are protected. If you’ve got a project coming up and you want to protect your site, here are five reasons to hire professional security at your construction business:

Deter thieves

As you’ll know, construction sites are home to plenty of valuable items, from machinery and equipment to valuable construction materials. Many opportunistic thieves choose construction sites to carry out their unsavoury work simply because they are a pick and mix of expensive items that can be sold on for a significant amount of money. A security team will not only deter criminals from setting foot on-site, but they can also infiltrate any suspicious behaviour that they notice with skill and expertise.

Protect construction staff

Construction sites are peppered with hazards, and whilst your workers should be fully trained in health and safety and wearing appropriate PPE, this doesn’t mean that accidents can’t happen. By having SIA trained security staff on the premises, you can rest assured that if something were to go wrong, their first aid training, knowledge of emergency procedures and generally calm and collected presence would ensure your staff were kept safe.

Control access

No matter the size of your site, you’ll more than likely have various different contractors and subcontractors who require access to the premises multiple times throughout the project. This can be complicated to manage, and you certainly don’t want to risk unauthorised persons entering the site. A dedicated security team will be able to monitor who enters and exits at all times, both using their security guard training and by manning any technological security assets you may have in place.

Resolve conflicts

Whilst most construction sites are friendly and amicable, the vast number of people working on-site can sometimes inevitably result in conflict. Whether this is related to work or otherwise, your security team will be able to prevent and resolve these bust-ups from becoming disruptive and dangerous. Equally, if you find yourself in disputes with the general public or neighbouring properties, your security staff will be trained to diffuse any arguments in a professional manner.

Keep passers-by safe

Hiring a security team for your site isn’t just about keeping your contractors safe; you also need to look out for the general public too. Many construction sites are situated nearby to public spaces, which not only increases the chance of accidental trespassers entering the premises, but also means that people simply passing by could be at risk. A security team can give their full attention to keeping everyone safe, rather than relying on your workers to try and manage the boundary of your project whilst also doing their job.

If you’re looking for an experienced team of security staff to protect your construction site, look no further than Leisure Guard Security. Operating across the Greater Manchester area, we have plenty of experience manning the gates of construction projects, no matter the size or scale. For more information, give us a call today.

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